Download the complete MMLP2 Today

Are you looking to download the new Eminem album? You've come to the right place.

We've recently obtained a 128k mp3 download of the entire album which is reserved just for members of the media for reviews, etc. Now you can hear the album before anyone else!

Steps and Instructions

Please follow the below steps and instructions for getting the album.

  • First of all download the .zip file from bellow download button.
  • Now run your unzip utility to get the mp3s inside
  • Load onto device / ipod
  • Enjoy!

NOTE: Please buy the album when it comes out - the record industry needs your support.

File name:
1. "Bad Guy"
2. “Parking Lot” (Skit)
3. “Rhyme or Reason”
4. “So Much Better”
5. “Survival”
6. “Legacy”
7. “Asshole” ft. Skylar Grey
8. “Berzerk”
9. “Rap God”
10. “Brainless”
11. “Stronger Than I Was”
12. “The Monster” Ft. Rihanna
13. “So Far …”
14. “Love Game” ft. Kendrick Lamar
15. “Headlights” ft. Nate Ruess
16. “Evil Twin"


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